Skull With Flowers

Skull With Flowers by Chelsea Perkins

Watercolor sketch done in June 2014



In December 2014, just a week before moving away from Lyon, my mom and I took a trip to Italy. We had planned on stopping by Venice for two days to get a taste of the city, then spending five days in Florence. We spent two absolutely beautiful days in Venice where we stayed in a great Airbnb, ate delicious food, and happened upon a glorious sunset over the water on our last night.

Upon arrival in Florence, however, we learned that my grandfather had passed away so we cut our Italian trip short in favor of flying back to the states early to be with family. I’m so happy that we had our two days in Venice to soak up some beauty and rest before diving headfirst into the business of packing up our life in Lyon.

Lac d’Annecy

In August 2014, our church in Lyon took the month off of services due to the large number of people that travel during the summer. Its amazing to see the entire city close down while shop owners and residents go out of town on holiday. In lieu of church services, each weekend our church family would go on an outing together. This was nice for us as we didn’t escape to the beach or countryside for the month! One such Sunday, we all drove out to the Lac d’Annecy for a picnic. The lake is right on the edge of the Alps and very close to the Swiss border. The views are breathtaking and the small city center is historic and colorful. It was just right for a day trip out of Lyon.

We went with the intention of swimming, but the weather didn’t cooperate and turned out to be quite brisk for the middle of August! The clouds made for some beautiful photos, though.

To see more of my photos, visit here:¬†Lac d’Annecy on Flickr

San Sebasti√°n

Highlights of our time in San Sebatian, Spain: spending time with a friend from Ohio, surfing, exploring the beautiful city, eating delicious and inexpensive Spanish food, the local surf-fashion culture, and playing on the beach.

Low points of the trip: stepping on a venomous Weever fish while surfing and spending a couple hours in extreme pain, hours and hours of heavy rain.

Both Rudy and I decided that we love this city and it’s now become a dream to set up a Mexican breakfast burrito cart on the beach and sell burritos to the surfers on their way home from their morning sessions. If math doesn’t work out, this is our back-up plan.