Nesin Math Village (A week in Turkey)

My husband has a PhD in Mathematics, and because of this, we have the privilege of living in France for the year. It feels ridiculous, at times, how easy it is to get around Europe. The three hour plane ride to Turkey felt like nothing at all. Yet, there we were, in Istanbul! This will never get old to this American.

From Istanbul we had a one hour plane ride to Izmir, then from the airport, a one hour bus ride to the remote math village (yes, you read that right), just outside of Sirince. The village itself is beautiful and simple. Their website is here for more information. Though it looks as if it could have been there for hundreds of years, it is very new, having been built within the last 10 years. I am not a mathematician, so during the week, Noah and I explored, rested, and made friends with the only other kids there. One of the participants of the conference had brought her three daughters along for the week, and Noah became fast friends with them. The girls’ grandmother was taking care of them while their mom attended talks. Noah and I didn’t speak Turkish, and the girls and their grandmother didn’t speak English, but we got along fine with sign language and laughter. I even got to paint a bit while Noah played with the girls. It was a great week to slow down and reflect. We ate delicious Turkish food and I drank more than my fair share of Turkish tea. I’m so glad to have these memories of this wonderful place.

To see more of my photos of our stay, you can find them here: Nesin Math Village


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