Casa Ortega B&B (A Week in Marseille)

For our week in Marseille, we stayed in a really cool, funky B&B just steps away from the Saint Charles train station. Juan Ortega himself lived there, (I had never heard of him before, but hey! cool!). The hotel is completely decorated in a retro vintage style that I love. Upon checking in, David, the owner, got out a map and marked down the best spots in the city for us to go for food and drinks. Every morning, we’d come down the stairs and enjoy fresh croissants with coffee for me and hot chocolate for Noah. It was a great hotel experience.

 I love interior design. I love exploring new places. Welcome to Casa Ortega.

Our first room for the week (above) was the perfect foil to our French apartment’s style. I really like this type of decor, but can’t imagine living in it full time. It’s fun to jump into another reality for a week! (This picture is from their website, where you can also see all of the rooms).

For the last two nights, we moved into a sunny room with a balcony. This room is the perfect blend of funky vintage with a clean, graphic feel. It looks simple in pictures, but above the chair-rail is an embossed wallpaper.


2 thoughts on “Casa Ortega B&B (A Week in Marseille)

  1. I don’t think I could sleep in that black and white room! Here’s a heads-up – we are beginning to plan a vacation in Nov to Italy and it seems the cheapest way to get there is via France so we hope to pay you a visit! More info later!

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