Plum Lyon and Birthday Cookin’.


While I was in a local coffee shop a few weeks ago, I noticed an advertisement for a French cooking school taught in English on the bulletin board. Looking at their website, I was immediately impressed and vowed to one day spend the time and money on a lovely class. After perusing a bit, I saw there was a Market to Table class on my birthday. Perfect!

Before I dive into the class itself, I have to confess something: I’ve always been a little bit intimidated by farmer’s markets. Not enough to keep me away, obviously I love fresh and in season produce grown by the person I’m buying from, but enough to give me pre-market jitters. In Lyon, France, there is a farmer’s market six days a week in every arrondissement and is called the Marché. The marché in our neighborhood is one of the largest in Lyon. Before Plum’s class, I had ventured on the outskirts and bought flowers, but nothing more. The language barrier and those market jitters kept me away. I wanted to start shopping there daily, but wanted so badly for someone to walk me through the whole process.

Here is where Plum comes in! When you take one of Lucy’s classes, you meet at her beautiful teaching kitchen then stroll through the market together. I finally had someone to take me under their wing for the day! I learned who to buy my eggs from, who has the most interesting spices, and a myriad of other useful bits to increase my confidence. (Since the class I have been back many times with no nervousness!)

While walking to the marché, Lucy gives an informal history lesson about Lyon and it’s food culture. It was amazing to learn that one of the roads I walk down many times a week dates back to ancient Roman times!

After strolling through the marché, we headed to a local cheese shop and put together a cheese plate. Back in the kitchen, we unloaded our goods and got to cooking a full French menu, complete with wine pairings for each course. I learned so much! I can’t wait to recreate the meal for friends and family who come to visit.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story!

For more information on Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen, visit their website here. I highly recommend a market to table class, and am already dreaming of one of Lucy’s pastry classes!


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