Our apartment (shortly after moving in).

Oh this apartment. I’m in love. The windows, the views, the light streaming in. It’s all enough to make a girl starry eyed.

This area is the main living space, which makes up the kitchen, living room, and dining room. In the center is the “winter garden” as our landlord put it. I’m looking forward to spring nights out there with candles lit and wine in hand after Noah goes to bed. This main room is also closed off from the bedrooms by a set of french doors, which is nice for entertaining even after Noah goes to sleep.

The kitchen is all new and very nice. However, the stove top and oven have to be lit with a match every time it is used. Thus the pile of used matches on the window sill. There is also no dryer, but we’re getting into the rhythm of doing laundry every other night and hanging it before we go to bed, then folding and putting away in the morning. It’s actually a nice routine that keeps us from having heaps of laundry to do once a week!

Not much has happened by way of decorating, but I’m happy with the black and white furnishings that were already in the apartment. I’ve definitely moved a lot of things around! It will be easy to buy a few key pieces and have the space looking tied together and finished. Since we’re not taking anything back to the states with us, it’s important not to buy anything that is unnecessary! One fun thing I’m looking forward to decorating with is a grouping of black and white postcards that I’ve asked friends to send me for my birthday! I’ll post updates as the gallery wall above the dining room table starts to fill in.

As soon as we found out we may be moving to Lyon, I started a Pinterest board, which you can find here. Take a peek!

In the next couple of weeks I’ll post about the bedrooms. Spoiler alert, it’s more black and white!


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