Our Bathroom

Last year, after one year of living in this house, I decided it was time to conquer the bathroom. It’s tiny, but has a roomy tub, and who needs more than that? The shower and tub were enclosed with a horrible plastic sheeting that was uneven at the top and horrible all around. After a day of tearing out the old plastic wall covering and priming it, my aunt helped me tile the shower. It was a long process, but well worth it. I’m so happy to know how to tile now also! I’m fixing to do our backsplash in the kitchen any day now in the same white subway tile.

After painting, I put up new a new towel bar, a new toilet paper holder, and three spice racks as shelving. The small depth of the spice racks work perfectly in our bathroom as they don’t take up much space and hold everything we need. It’s nice to only have what you use, isn’t it?

Noah’s bath toys fit in a single wire basket, and if more are acquired, I try to trade some out so that they all still fit. That way our bathroom isn’t full of toys for the little one!



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