Spring? Is that you?

Last weekend it was nice out so we went to the skate park. Noah is working on his building blocks of crawling, and can push himself up quite well now.
We also reached a milestone last week! Noah now sits up in his very own highchair. This has proved to be useful for Rudy and I when it comes to eating meals. We can pull him close to the table and he’s content to watch us and play with a toy or two.


One thought on “Spring? Is that you?

  1. OoOOhhhh Chelseakins. This little babykins is pure love! Wow. I see how this child is your son. He is so wonderful. The tiniest little bumbkins who ever did live and the mightiest little snunkins who ever did live. His spine is so straight and strooong. oh my goodness. What an adventurer. I see so much of you and Rudy in him. Grandma Dee in the first photo and Grandpa Barry in the second too 😉 I love you all so much. Happy Spring!

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