After a bad night, there’s always a good breakfast.

{Granola that I made from Jenny’s recipe}

So I’ve mentioned that Noah doesn’t sleep well. Last night was no exception. I’ve found though, that if I can at least take a shower and have a hearty breakfast that I do a bit better through the day.

Today was a rough one though. It was one of those days where dropping something left me cursing under my breath, and Noah’s cries while I changed his diaper brought me to tears. I made a special trip out to an art store to get a print my mom bought me for Christmas framed, only to find out that they don’t do framing. And the sight of our cluttered dining/work room made my stomach turn.

So when Noah finally went down for a nap at three, I crashed right along with him. Rudy got home around 4:30, right as Noah was stirring. Knowing that I’d had a bad day so far, he offered to take Noah and Gatsby on a walk and suggested that I do something nice for myself. So I’m drinking tea and blogging. I feel so much better. There is nothing like a thoughtful husband. Nothing at all.


One thought on “After a bad night, there’s always a good breakfast.

  1. you sound like a great momma! it sounds so stinking hard to take care of a little one. thank goodness for your great husband who can see how hard his wife is working. "me time" is much deserved [and i'm sure appreciated] 🙂

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