Our third year together.

{The only photo taken of our little family on our 3rd}

Last Thursday, June 17th, was Rudy and my third anniversary, (and our second anniversary of having Gatsby). We had such a great day together.

While taking Gatsby on a walk we heard music and lots of people so we went to investigate and found a public pool within walking distance from our house! After we got home from the walk, we went down for a swim. It was about 90 degrees out, so a dip was just what I needed.

That night we went to go see The Life Aquatic at the Wexner Art Center’s Drive-In movie’s first showing for the summer.

The showing was free, and the night couldn’t have been more perfect. There was free caramel corn (my favorite!) and fireflies dancing over people’s heads.
We even got to bring Gatsby! He mostly slept on his little bed and was admired by all. The guy behind us even took a picture of him because he thought he was so cute.

I had forgotten how much I really love this movie. Cate Blanchett’s baby belly is pretty cute too.

{A shot of a previous showing from the Wexner’s site}

2 thoughts on “Our third year together.

  1. WOW ! You are SO elegant, Chelsea!Happy anniversary to you and Rudy. WHat a marvelous celebration you two (three with Gatsp, four with babyzinho!) enjoyed! ….walking, swimming, listening, watching, fellowshiping…YAY!!!!!!!!!I am so delighted for you sister-roo!XoXoOXoXoooXOox- Maya

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