{Ashley and I in Vista}

As I said before, I went home to California last week. Here are some snapshots of my trip.

{Me, at 18 weeks, Jenny at 27 weeks and Ashley at 25}

I have had three best friends since elementary school. Three of us four are pregnant right now! I promise we did not plan it to be this way, but it is a lot of fun getting to do this together.

{Jenny with the quilt I made her, and showing off her fantastic bump}

{With Rudy’s mom, Gini, brother Cody, and his girlfriend Whitney in front of Cody’s 66 Rambler}

{My dad’s side of the family, the Porters! Soon to be grandparents, great-grandparents, aunt and uncle}

{A shot of the coastline in Carlsbad I took on my last morning home}

If you look below you will see how much fun I had with my mom’s side of the family.

It was really hard to leave on my last morning. I miss my family and close friends so much. As hard as it was to leave San Diego again, it is really nice to be home in Columbus. I feel so blessed by the community we are a part of here.

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