Finishing touches.

I bought myself some tulips last week to celebrate the rising temperatures. Tulips alway remind me of spring. When I was 18, I went to Paris with my grandma and cousin in March. We bought tulips from a little market to decorate our apartment. They alway bring such beautiful memories.
I also finally put up these little treasures above our stove. The Chinese calender is from a place right down the street from Rudy and I, and it came with our takeout one night. The round tin plate has a drawing of California on it with little illustrations for each city or landmark. I got it at a huge antiques sale in Worthington this summer. I love the poppies on it, they always remind me of home. Lastly, the little tin rooster came in a Christmas package from my mom, and was meant to be an ornament, but I love it too much to only have it out for one month of the year.


One thought on “Finishing touches.

  1. i love the shot of the flowers :)tulips always remind me of my grandfather. and tiger lillies for my grandma. i love flowers, they make a whole room happier.

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