I’ve started working this week at Crimson Cup Coffee.

Rudy’s wonderful mom and step-dad will be here this weekend!

Gatsby and I have started up our walks at Whetstone park again after our two week break, while the little guy was healing after being neutered.

Today when I went to the store I decided not to put Gatsby in his crate like usual and left him sleeping on the couch. When I got home he was still sleeping! Anyone who has had a dog with separation anxiety will know how unbelievably happy this made me. God is a miracle worker.

I start teaching K-3 Sunday school at our church this Sunday!

The picture above is from 3191 Miles Apart.

I’m about to make blueberry muffins.


2 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. you know Chels, life over on your pond sounds pretty good! :)your work looks like a really neat little place! was Gatsby on any meds that would help him sleep, or was it sawing logs a natural? SQUEEZE! xoxo Jess

  2. No meds! Although I've heard there are anxiety meds for dogs, which I will admit to considering for some time. He usually would be running to the door as soon as I open it to leave, then scratching and howling for as long as I'm gone. After a year and a half of that, I was astounded to get home yesterday and have him still sleeping.

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