Some chairs and a whole lotta good.

Remember how I said that I was going to Paris today? Well I kinda did. Just a little bit. First, I cut my bangs up pretty short, and when Rudy saw them he said I looked like Amelie! Then I put on a striped shirt and some black flats and went antiquing. The owner of the first little store I went in was singing a song, in FRENCH! He had a beautiful voice. I just smiled.

Then at the next place, I found these little chairs. I’m planning on painting them either in pink or yellow, and leaving the seats and just the tip of the legs in wood.

I got this mirror the other day at the antique mall down the street for $2! The little painting by it just arrived in the mail from San Francisco artist Kelly Tunstall


2 thoughts on “Some chairs and a whole lotta good.

  1. Great finds!! Your blog rules, Chelsea. Thanks for keeping up posted and peppy. 😀 All of the things you share are so cool. I love those lit up globes among the rocks in a photo a few posts back. So neat the stuff you find… like the wallpaper too! Way sweet. Being on your site is always entertaining- and heart expanding! LOVE!

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