This picture encompasses so much of what I would like our home to be. Beautiful, a bit dramatic, and cozy. I just painted our bedroom walls yesterday in the same color as our living room downstairs. I love the color, called tea stain, and think it would go amazingly with some bold metallic wallpaper over the fireplace.
You can see the whole tour of Brad and Kendra’s home in this ApartmentTherapy House Tour.

Here is our bedroom fireplace as it is now, in horrible disrepair. Our landlord is in the process of fixing a hole that was in the ceiling when we moved in. I’m really itching to re-tile the thing as well! (How cool is it that we have a fireplace in our bedroom?!)
This would be the most bold and dramatic.
I really like how soft and romantic this one would be.
This one would be really nice to add just a touch of color.

All of these wallpaper examples are from Graham and Brown, designer Barbara Hulanicki. You can see all that the company has to offer here.

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